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“A gentle voice with a wonderful effect” – “I feel like I’m in the 1400s” – “Thank you for your voice!” – “You transported us” – “Everything you write sounds two hundred years old”

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Bio (short)

Jem Kid is a songwriter from the hills of South England. He grew up with his head full of books and hymns – a Johnny Cash for the Home Counties. Poetic and stirring, like the songs of childhood and church, he has turned heads from New York, London and Paris to Berlin, where he now lives and plays.

Bio (longer)

Jem Kid’s lyrics are born as everyday scribblings, piercing observations on everything from manhood and youth to homelessness and globalism – see his solo EP Scanty Words, Thrifty Man. Drifting between in lied, ballad and beatnik, he channels the folk troubadours from the sixties and seventies such as Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan and Tom Paxton.

He pays homage to his upbringing on his band EP ‘Nearly Live’, in ‘Water & You’ and ‘My Love & I (pt I & II)’; meanwhile, ‘Audrey Audrey’ and ‘Othello’ show his wider influences, from European folk and jazz.

Alone with a guitar and a hushed audience – that’s where you’ll find Jem Kid at his most expressive. He draws inspiration from such magnetic soloists as Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen. His collaborative projects have included a singer-songwriter collective in Berlin, the Troubadour Collective and folk trio Jem Kid & Company.

Notable appearances

The Cellar, Oxford // The Varsity Club, Oxford // Kimpton Folk Festival // The Cabbage Patch, London // Madame Claude, Berlin // L’étage, Paris // Lusty Glaze Beach, Newquay // The Local, NYC