A bottle without a label: Song of the Day #3 ‘Prelude’+ ‘My Love & I’

Telling the creation story behind each song in the Jem Kid Catalogue

Written: February 2017 (words), Berlin; October 2017 (prelude + arrangement), Oxford.
EP: Nearly Live, Jem Kid & Company.
Best line: ‘My love and I / Break the very same bread / We weave our lies / With the very same thread’
Influences: J.R.R Tolkien, Thomas Hardy, English traditional song

This song’s birth and all of its formative moments all came out of some of the lowest points of my 2017. In February I had just moved to Berlin knowing nobody at all. Once again, my guitar stepped up as a lifeline in those long, lonely days indoors.

‘My Love & I’ was the first song I wrote in Berlin. For a long time I couldn’t face up to the emotions that it had captured, a bottle without a label. I would talk about it as a break-up song, which is what the lyrics are on the surface.

All of that passion was let out much later, during the first and second terms back at Oxford, a time when my perseverance and energy came under a double attack from the pressure of work and the insidious negligence of my flatmate.

Apart from improvised sections, all of the trumpet solos were composed on one Sunday afternoon in late Spring 2018. Memories of that afternoon are very clear in my mind’s eye. It was the very lowest of the low. So many times that year my guitar kept me going: ‘I will love her till I’m dead’.


As an independent artist in the time we’re in, Jem Kid depends on people deciding that his music worth paying for, even though it’s available for free. You can buy this track and many others on his Bandcamp page: https://thatjemkid.bandcamp.com/album/nearly-live